General features

Custom made

Hotel look&feel, services, maps, docs, vouchers..

Tourist guide

Flight status, agenda, landmarks, pictures, videos..


No installation required, access from any internet-connected device


Encrypted information (ssl/tls protocol). Sensitive data encrypted in the database with unbreakable algorithms, recurrent backups (DB&HDD) in an external server.


Recommend to your guests services and activities from suppliers which you trust

Big data

Track the daily activity of your frontoffice staff and get real statistics about your guests

Front office

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Visualize on your calendar the Front Desk activity: confirmed bookings, pending tasks, anniversaries... having control has never been so easy.


Forget the uncomfortable daily printouts, all the daily routines of each shift in a single click.


For those special requests not covered by the services in iConcierge. Create your tasks, turnaround times and task responsible.

Courier service

Ideal for controlling the receive and/or delivery of packages and mail to guests. Know who, what, when and where it was stored or sent any package of your guests.


Personalized recommendation system, your guests decide which they prefer to receive: Restaurants, Shopping, Cultural and/or Experiences.

Upselling and Crosselling

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Hotel services

Increase sales of hotel services. Room service, restaurant, spa... everything is possible. Your guests have never had an easier and faster way to buy in your hotel as with iConcierge apps.

Destination services

All destination services under the brand of your hotel. Tailor-made, collaborate with your trusted tourist services suppliers.

PMS Connection

- Automatic inhouse guest users validation - Search users by room number - Room posting for services elected - Guests can see their bills through app

Advanced statistics

Discover what are the most requested services your guests, and get real data of who of your FrontDesk staff generate more sales of destination and hotel services and much more!

Automatic reporting

Choose which reports and who want you to receive it directly to their email inbox.

Know your guests

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Live chat

Now your guests can stay in constant contact with the hotel and enjoy the sightseeing with complete calm.


Know which are the main interests of your guests and improves their experience with your advices and recommendations.

Message for all inhouse

A speaker to communicate with your customers, choose who you want to receive it depending on guest category. Finally, you can announce directly about the concert on the terrace of the hotel or send a 2x1 offer for the spa.

Guest record

Create unique profiles for each guest, iConcierge feeds it with the activities and services made during their stay at the hotel. Recommend and advise based on their previous experiences is the best choice.

Satisfaction survey

To improve the quality of your service and satisfaction of your customers what better to ask them directly?